Who is TRIPinas?

TRIPinas is driven by passionate travelers. It is composed of a small dedicated team who believes that traveling need not be expensive and tourism can be a sustainable activity. They also think that there is more to the Philippines than what meets the eye.

Leading the team is Ann. Born and raised in Quezon City, she will be the first person to tell you that she knew nothing about the outdoors until her family serendipituously moved to Davao City where the majestic Mt. Apo greets her every single morning. That chaged her life for the better. There she got exposed to environmental activities and found herself spearheading several government funded-projects that focused on ecological preservation. Because of her work, she was awarded "Most Outstanding High School Graduate" by the Davao Jaycees in 1995.

Her desire to showcase the beauty of the country while raising environmental awareness was her driving force in creating an eco-adventure company.

She's an outdoor enthusiast who's always on the lookout for mountains to hike and climb, marathons to run and waters to dive into. She writes and takes travel photos every now and then and share it to the world.