June 13, 2012

And now we pause...

Team TRIPinas is on an operation hiatus which means we don't have tours from June to mid-October which really translates to "But A, I thought you said we're on a break, so how come we're now preparing for season 5! There's no justice in this world!"
Season. Five. 
Wow. Has it really been that long? Time sure flies when you're having loads of fun.

So, what's in store when we open by late October? We can't divulge all information yet but one tour involves trekking through an ampitheater-like rice terraces plus there will be more beach+hike tours. We're also looking at arranging another northern destination. What else? Oh, TRIPinas merchandise is also on the works. Plus some PROMOS!

Whew! While working on all those, the head honcho of Team TRIPinas will run a marathon in France (ahem) while some will head to Nepal and trek to Everest base camp (5364 masl/ 17598fasl).

Yep, we still pursue our dreams despite the insane schedule.

See you all soon!

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